A Changemaker…

Pad woman of Odisha, TEDx Speaker, Social Reformer, Sociopreneur, Human Rights Activist, Gender Equality Advocate, Writer, Motivational Speaker, Art connoisseur

Founder – ADiBha She Vision


SHE for SHE ! , is the motto of ADiBha She Vision. Started with a vision to empower women, ADiBha she vision advocates equality, equal rights, equal opportunities, equal pay and equal respect. In this world where only equality should prevail, we work towards women empowerment, her rights, her health issues.” Educate, Accept and Respect” ,are the pillars on which our programs and sessions are designed upon to create awareness amongst rural areas, tribal sectors and urban slums about MHM( menstrual hygiene management), sex education, gender equality, prevention child sexual abuse, child marriage , drug addiction ec cetera. Our significant programs like Anandini, Sparsh and Sambhav have been witnessed and praised for it’s national level presence and community outreach and got recognition as PAD WOMAN of Odisha. Our thematic areas include gender and human rights, mental and reproductive health, disaster relief for migrant laborers and refugees as well.

Founder – ADiBha


A social initiative to promote the rich textile heritage and craftsmanship of weavers from different parts of Odisha. ADiBha, aims to generate a valuable and sustainable livelihood for the true artisans and weavers’ community of Odisha, India and make them feel proud and confident about their art, craft, tradition and their profession. ADiBha aims to create more and more women entrepreneurs with it’s sustainable approach, capacity building and go-to market strategies. It is effortlessly trying to ensure that Indian art and craft does not die with time and is being transferred from generation to generation. It designs/revives/markets the most beautiful and uniquely made hand-crafted and hand-woven sustainable fashion from parts of Odisha to the customers and give them a space to think, understand, value, adopt and retain the art, culture and tradition by supporting and sustaining a life, a family, a village and a livelihood.

Writer -They call me Nari


Change is a journey and dialogue is the only solution to advocate change. With that thought ,started penning down my experiences, stories, rage and many more for the larger audience in several platforms which includes books, newspaper columns and blogs and articles to name a few. Womanhood and gender equality are the main focus of my writing, at the same time aesthetic living, poetry, Indian architecture, travel, art, passion for life got it’s fair share in my writing and blogging. Writing has always helped me keep more rooted and helped to exhibit my voice.


As a conscious citizen and a social activist, one’s responsibilities towards the planet , the mother earth increases multifold. Thus as an individual and through ADiBha She Vision, keep no stone unturned to serve the mother nature through various initiatives like save river, plantation, seedball activity, promoting plastic free lifestyle, effective sanitation, sustainable clothing and lifestyle and many more. Proudly got associated with Swachh Bharat Mission of Government of India and pledged to a clean India.

Art Connoisseur

A land of variety in every sense, India has so much to offer,  it might just take you by surprise. Incredible India is the mines of art, culture ,handlooms, handicrafts, music , and many more. Modern values and lifestyle at times doesn’t give the opportunity to refocus on simplicity of life and exquisite cultural heritage we got. But it comes effortless for few to cherish the art, culture, music, traditions and values we inherit from our ancestors. Thus the responsibility increase multifold to support the artisans and promote the dying art of the land. With ADiBha, taking steps to give the art and craft a platform to create a larger impact.